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The blog of our school library is here:
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Librarian's duties in Tympaki

The aim of our library is to meet the information needs of the whole school community. But, as there is no other library in the area, we also support the needs
of Tympaki habitants.
• To maintain and develop a balanced range of resources in support of teaching, learning and of personal development at all ability levels within the school.
• To source, organise and disseminate information relevant to the curriculum.
• To support pupils and staff in the use of a wide variety of sources
• To encourage recreational reading for personal satisfaction and development.
• To act as a link for staff and pupils
• To provide a quiet and attractive environment for study
In order to fulfill these objectives
• I meet all classes and teachers in the beginning of the year and explain to them how they can use the resources of the library
I prepare materials for teachers and students
• I assist them selecting books and finding information
• I try to maintain the collection updated and in good condition (buy, catalogue, process, repair)
• I try to foster love of reading for pleasure by I inviting writers, organising exhibitions, competitions, etc
• Twice a year I prepare a report for the Ministry of Education
• I am responsible for the virtual existence of the library
http://lyk-tympak.ira.sch.gr/lib/ (at the moment I am preparing its reconstruction)

Activities in Tympaki School Library

Tympaki School Library